Our Team

Mr. Feng Dong

Mr. Feng Dong is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He founded the Bedrock Foundation in Washington DC in 2021. He co-founded the Flagstone Foundation in Maryland in 2019.
He has been serving as director, secretary-general and chairman of Beijing Yongyuan Charity Foundation since 2013. He has dedicated most of his time to Oral History and i-Fly rural teacher training in China since 2007.
He led and organized the first North American seminar of Panorama Bible (Bethel Series) in 2021. He made great contributions to the LPI in 2020. He served as a judge of the National Middle School Student Leadership Competition and a youth charity mentor in 2014. He was also a speaker of TEDx Beijing and a guest speaker of Shanghai Charity Forum.
He won the Outstanding Contribution Award for his leadership and innovative spirit in 2014 and 2021, and he was also commended by the council for his long-term volunteer service.

Mr. Barry Cui

Mr. Barry Cui is a Certified Financial Planner and Enrolled Agent also a volunteer for multiple nonprofit and charity organizations.

Barry started his financial planning firm in 2001 specializing in comprehensive financial planning, assets management, wealth protection strategies, complex tax planning, retirement planning, etc. From 2003, Barry has used his professional knowledge and experience to help many nonprofit and charity organizations in the needs of regulations, management and compliance. These organizations include United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Leadership Foundation, Daofeng and Angela Foundation, BirdFlower Foundation.

Dr. Suhe Harnood

Dr. Suhe Harnood is enthusiastic about various charitable activities. He is one of the key members of the LPI (Life Preservation Initiative) campaign in the Great Washington DC metropolitan area in 2020 during COVID-19 Pandemic.  He also participated in a mission trip to Jamaica in 2016 for helping the local church for their VBS (Vacation Bible Study). Dr. Suhe Harnood also a long term donor to Mongolian Orphans through MACA (Mongolian American Cultural Association).

Dr. Suhe Harnood is currently working for Montgomery County Government in Maryland as a Sr. IT Specialist. He has extensive experience in IT Network Technology. He got his PhD degree in Nuclear Physics from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

Suhe Harnood live in Maryland with his wife and 3 daughters.

Dr. John Flower

Dr. John Flower (Director, Sidwell Friends School Chinese Studies Program, Ph.D. University of Virginia) the founders of CFHR (www.chinafolkhouse.org) have worked in partnership with the Linden Centre on the China Fieldwork Semester, an innovative experiential education program based in Xizhou, since 2014.  The CFHR project is an extension of the China Fieldwork Semester program that will “bring China to the students” just as the semester program brings students to China.  We hope that the project to rebuild the China Folk House will create a cultural bridge connecting the communities of greater Washington DC, Jefferson County, and northwest Yunnan.

Randy Shi Dong

Randy Dong has been a charity enthusiast since a young age. He was a key member of the LPI (Life Preservation Initiative) communications team, in charge of translation tasks and media strategies, working remotely from Chicago. He also participated in volunteer teaching trips from 2013 – 2016 at local elementary and middle schools of northwest rural parts of China. He also created documentaries of his volunteer trips focusing on local students, teachers, and the volunteers to share with more affluent parts of China the reality of education inequality in rural China.
Randy currently works for GeistM, a digital marketing agency located in New York, as an Analyst. He has experience in digital marketing and media communications. He got his undergraduate degree in Economics and Communications at Northwestern University.