The Leadership Institute 2023 inaugural project – CHRISTIAN LEADERS PROGRAM

Mar 20 2023@ Arlington Virginia

Bedrock Foundation is honored to follow Daofeng & Angela Foundation to become a co-leading sponsor of the Leadership Institute 2023 inaugural project – CHRISTIAN LEADERS PROGRAM. The CLP aims to train and mentor a new generation of conservative Christian leaders, young men and women who will put their faith into action in powerful ways in America.

The Third Donation Made

Dec.21, 2021

The third major donation of the Bedrock Foundation 2021 was made on December 19th in Arlington, Virginia. The grant will be used to support the China Folk House Gardens Project which will include “large, traditional courtyard that can be used as a beautiful gathering space for cultural events; ethnobotany garden for growing plants native to Yunnan and West Virginia, and displays on how they are used in local folklife; enhancement of the natural areas surrounding the Folk House using principles of Chinese landscape gardening; and large vegetable garden to provide fresh organic produce for China Folk House Retreat using traditional methods of intensive farming.
All of these elements of the Gardens Project will not only beautify and complete the CFHR facilities, but they will also serve the more important educational goal of teaching visitors about the disappearing customs and local knowledge of farmers in rural China.”​

Special thanks to the Daofeng & Angela Foundation and Pam and Ye Ying

The Bedrock Foundation supports the education of the traditional values ​​of American youth

Dec.18, 2021

The agreement between the Bedrock Foundation and Young America’s Foundation was signed in Reston on Dec 16. The Bedrock Foundation makes a grant for the general support of YAF’s programming. Young America’s Foundation agrees to use this grant to support its tax exempt mission of educating young Americans about fundamental principles like free enterprise, individual freedom, a strong national defense, and traditional values. This is the second major donation made by the Bedrock Foundation following the Daofeng & Angela Foundation in 2021. Special thanks to Ye Ying and Kelleigh Clarke. They spent three months communicating repeatedly and successfully completed the agreement.


The second North American Pastoral Training Course of the Bethel Series

Nov.7, 2021

Three pastors and four preachers from five states, after eight days, eight hours per day, super-intensive study, at the graduation ceremony on the evening of November 2, 2021, obtained the certificate of teaching the Bethel Series course. The second seminar of Bethel Series in Chinese (全景圣经课程)was jointly sponsored by the Bedrock Foundation and Daofeng-Angela Foundation. For the second time, Mr. Dong Feng served as the sponsor, organizer and volunteer of this event. The seminar was successfully held in Arlington VA from October 26th to November 2nd.
Rev. Jeff Quinto of the Bethel Series gave a speech via video.
Representatives of the first batch of students also participated in the graduation ceremony. Mr. Dong Feng and Mr. He Daofeng provided financial support for those from the first term who plan to start teaching Bethel Series course in their respective churches. They look forward to “Blessed to be blessing” as a continuous relay and have a more profound influence in the Chinese churches in North America.
Another inspiring feature of this event is that more volunteers have joined the course service, and they have become an indispensable and important component of the course through their own service.

The Philanthropic Journey of a Chinese Entrepreneur

The Epoch Times link>>

Oct.18, 2021

Chinese-born businessman and investor Dong Feng, 57, found himself at a crossroads in 2006 after realizing there is more to life than a successful career and financial freedom. In his early 40s Dong lost a very good friend to suicide, which fundamentally changed the way he viewed the world and his life’s purpose.

Fifteen years ago, Dong participated in a Chinese reality show where he learned the importance of giving and helping others. Since then, he has embarked on a new journey, dedicating most of his time to charity projects in China and most recently the United States.

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The first North American Pastoral Training Course of the Bethel Series

Oct.13, 2021

The Bedrock Foundation is honored to work with the Daofeng-Angela Foundation to support and participate in the first North American Pastoral Training Course of the Bethel Series 全景圣经, which was successfully held in Washington DC from July 26th to August 2nd. Seven pastors from five states received course certificates. The second phase will be held in Arlington VA from October 26th to November 2nd.

For those who do not already know, the Bethel Series is a well-developed and widely used biblical training course in many countries, It provides a unique perspective to the Old Testament and New Testaments of the Bible. Over 6,000 congregations are enrolled and more than 2,000,000 laypeople have graduated and benefited from the Bethel Series course.

Pastor Paul Chu coached the seminar. Pastor Chu is the translator of The Bethel Series into Chinese and introduced it to the Chinese Christian community. He is dedicated to the mission of the Bethel Series and has been teaching The Bethel Series for over 15 years.